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Effective dye testing

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For more information about the Dye Testing Ordinance, contact The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority at


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If you're planning on selling your home, you need to have dye testing done to ensure your home's drains and downspouts are not connected to the city's sewer system. This is required by the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. Davey Plumbing, LLC has the experience you need to make sure your system is compliant with this city ordinance.

If our dye testing shows you are not compliant with city code, we have the tools and knowledge to reroute your storm water! We'll also handle all the paperwork involved. Allegheny County residents can call for a FREE estimate for dye testing and remediation if needed.


Each township has its own set of codes for dye testing. Our helpful staff has your town's dye testing paperwork on hand and we'll be happy to submit your test results to you.